Carlii Lyon

"Personal branding is what I know best. For over a decade I have helped shape and grow the personal brands of truly remarkable individuals".

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About me

My career in lifestyle public relations started after I launched my own consultancy at the young age of 22 (before finishing college!). I was too outspoken to work for someone else and the gamble paid off. I enjoyed a wild ride that took me all over the world and allowed me access into the inner sanctum of many internationally accomplished individuals. In over a decade I worked with a world leading supermodel, New York Times bestselling authors, pioneers in the world of wellness, musicians, inventors, change-makers and even a British foot-reader! 

After having children, I changed and so did my direction. Add to that the emergence of social media and the rise of "influencers". I realised I could use my experience and expertise to help everyday individuals create, shape and manage their own personal brand. To be seen, be heard and share their story in their own words. 


"Truth is we are all remarkable in our own unique way. I want to help people realise that." 

Let's work together 



In an article featured in the Harvard Business Review it was stated- "Taking control of your personal brand may mean the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rewarding career". Creating a personal brand, is the art of packaging yourself in a way that allows you to stand out, be recognised and use your voice to make a difference. 

In the ever changing world we live in, YOU are your greatest asset. Establishing a strong personal brand gives you greater control and offers you the opportunity to take an active role in the direction of your life.  




For every person who has confidently stepped out into the proverbial spotlight, there is another person with an idea, a message and desire to do the same BUT lack the clarity and courage to do so. I am here to help!


I have created a 5 hour consultation package designed to help individuals and small business owners navigate the universe of personal branding. Here is a snap shot of what is involved-


  • Two face to face sessions and/or Skype video call
  • I assess where you are now vs where you want to go
  • Together we create a clear vision for your personal brand
  • We establish a compelling and persuasive brand message
  • I personally help you write a bio you are proud of
  • We piece together a step by step to do list
  • We set achievable goals and a realistic promotional plan
  • I offer you proven tips on how to promote yourself 
  • You will gain insight into simple media relation strategies 
  • We will brainstorm ideas regarding brand partnerships
  • I will share resources from my personal PR Black Book
  • You will learn how to manage Imposter Syndrome (it never goes away!)
  • I will be available via email for 12 months after the consult to offer support and feedback

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please get in touch. 


So they say...

I always felt confident Carlii had my best interests top of mind. I developed a great deal of trust in her both personally and professionally.
— Miranda Kerr
Carlii has the ability to make everyone feel like a star just by being in her presence
— Chris Murphy, INXS Manager
Carlii is a dynamic, intuitive, inspiring and powerful communicator. She expanded my personal brand exponentially.
— Dr John Demartini, The Secret

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